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I need to know a lot about you in order to effectively help you with your problem(s).  You can rest assured I keep all information about my clients strictly confidential (as allowed by the law and including all restrictions).  Absolutely NO information about you or your case will be released to anyone without your written authorization and consent.  In addition, I do not get involved in litigation and ask you do not involve me in custody or domestic disputes.  I, as your therapist, am interested in the welfare of the whole family.  To provide the best possible service I regularly discuss my treatment approaches with other professionals who have special training and experience. The same laws of confidentiality that apply to any of your disclosures to me apply to my consultation with professionals regarding your case.  The exceptions to confidentiality are; 1) where there is danger of physical harm to yourself or others,  2) when physical or sexual abuse, or neglect of a minor child or elderly person becomes known,  3) in legal cases where your clinical records are subpoenaed by the court, and 4) when choosing to use insurance, workman’s compensation, SSI or other resources, you must authorize me to disclose information necessary to process the paperwork.

Dependent Clients and Minors (Including Financial Support of Adult Clients)

If you are requesting services as the guardian or parent of a child, or are paying for services for an adult child or dependent, the same general practice applies with regards to confidentiality as outlined above.  It is essential your child or dependent have complete trust in his or her therapist. However, as a parent or guardian you have a right to know about the progress of your child.  I will use clinical discretion as to what is appropriate disclosure.  In general I will disclose specific information only with the child’s consent but I will discuss with you their progress, areas of concern, and you own participation in their treatment.